Digital Vexations, Swiss Institute
Digital Vexations, 2005
Audio installation with FM broadcast
c. 19 hours duration

Here, 'Digital Vexations' was presented as an FM micro-broadcast, the iPod transmitting to a small portable radio that was situated casually at the foot of a column some feet away. The radio was a vintage Braun 510, designed by Dieter Rams in the 1960s. Rams is cited as a major influence by iPod designer, Jonathan Ive, which added another layer to the piece's play on obsolescence and repetition.

The piece was presented as part of the group exhibition 'Do You Like Stuff?', curated by Gabrielle Giattino, at Swiss Institute, New York, in 2005. The exhibition included work by nine artists who, whether out of "a paranoid desire to make order out of chaos or a brave embrace of entropy, employ inventive practices of collecting and cataloging to deal with the current chaotic ordering of digital information."

Adam E Mendelsohn, 'Do You Like Stuff?', Art Monthly, October 2005