Open 24 Hours series
Open 24 Hours series, 2002-2004
35mm slide photography

A photographic project that set out to document businesses 'open 24 hours' in New York's East Village. The project began with deli's and garages on my own block, and expanded outward to cover over 75 locations.

The phrase 'open 24 hours' belongs to a utopian imagining of the modern city in which the loosening of temporal or spatial restrictions on individual lifestyles promises an analogous social mobility. This project aimed to take the abstraction of 'open 24 hours' and expose and test it against the heterogeneity of New York's social space in the years immediately following the 9/11 attacks on the city.

Michael Wilson, from 'Tar Beach' essay, 2003
'Tar Beach', The Times and The Guardian, May 2003