The Outsider, 2004
The Outsider, 2004
Installation with paperback book on window ledge

The exhibition 'None of the Above', curated by John Armleder at Swiss Institute in New York, featured works that were of extremely reduced size, or that otherwise disappeared in the context of the gallery's architecture.

For my contribution, I placed a paperback copy of Albert Camus' 'The Outsider' on the window ledge outside the library at Swiss Institute, three floors above Broadway in Lower Manhattan. The cover of this edition of the book featured an image of a lonely figure silhouetted on the edge of a cliff. Seen from the inside looking out, the piece punned on the title and theme of the book, drawing out a mini existential drama.

The book lasted for three weeks of the exhibition, soaked by rain, buffeted by wind - before disintegrating, and finally blowing away.

Emily Hall , 'None Of The Above', Artforum, March 2005