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User-contributable online wiki is a user-contributable wiki taking as its starting point the definition of architecture laid out by Georges Bataille in his 'Dictionnaire Critique', first published in 1929.

Writing primarily of the monumental public buildings of the French church and state, Bataille's short text examines how architectural form can act as proxy for these institutions in ordering and prohibiting behavior. This definition of the architectural—as that which is ordered or hierarchical—extended, for Bataille, to any system, from the social to the psychological: only through escaping form itself can one find a route out of the architectural injunction. sets out to explore the edges of architectural knowledge and non-knowledge from the central starting point of Bataille's text; articles have covered minor architectures, architectural appropriations and misuses, haunted structures, architecture and crime, ruins and ancient architectures, the architect's body, gravity and entropy.

The site was launched as a contributing project at the Galway, Ireland-based visual arts festival TULCA 2016: 'The Headless City' in November 2016. A series of writing and coding workshops were held with students from the Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology and the National University of Ireland, Galway throughout the three weeks of the festival. Built using MediaWiki, the same open-source wiki engine that powers Wikipedia, remains online and open to continuing contributions.