The film does not specify the cause of the artist and architect's 'hesitancy', (the medical term for difficulty urinating). They could be suffering from a performance anxiety related to boundary issues. What appeared, in the first scenes, to be a successfully developing interdisciplinary collaboration could thus be revealed, with the men's evident discomfort in each other's company, as not as fully realized as first appeared.

On the other hand, clues also point to a physiological basis to the characters' discomforts. The name of the architects' practice, "BPH Associates", recalls the chief medical culprit in male urinary problems - B.P.H. (Benign Prostrate Hypertrophy, or enlarged prostrate), suffered by 40% of all men aged 40-60, (rising to 70% for those over 70). The strange resemblance of the abstract sculpture the artist and architect have been working on to a diagram of a swollen prostrate, bladder and urethra, might appear to confirm this extension of their correspondence, or 'collaboration', on a biological level.