Ref: Demolition Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, 2010
Ref: Demolition Temple Bar Gallery and Studios, 2010
Text and image work, A4, 10 pages

This piece was made for the 'Re : Public' project at Temple Bar Gallery in March 2010, a series of revolving exhibitions and events exploring the notion of 'public' in how it relates to urbanist, architectural and planning discourses.

A local demolition contractor was commissioned to draw up a detailed proposal and costing for the demolition and site clearance of the Temple Bar Gallery & Studios building. Photoshopped renderings of the imagined demolition process and views of the site post-clearance were added to the contractor's tender document and its ten pages were displayed on a table for study in the gallery.

The proposal was situated as an open ended 'what if', a kind of counter-architectural reverie that might have a particular resonance in the context of Temple Bar Gallery, whose early 90s renovation by leading Irish architects McCullough Mulvin became a flagship project in the subsequent development of the Temple Bar Cultural Quarter.

The piece was exhibited again as part of the site-specific project McCullough Mulvin Orange that featured a series of works installed and exhibited at five McCullough Mulvin buildings across central Dublin in September–October 2017.

Jill Stoner, 'Fugue in Temple Bar Minor', 2017