These projects employ a range of media, including film, audio, photography and digital animation, to explore the unpredictable and often hapless ways in which the individual navigates urban space. Architectural discourse and the figure of the architect have remained a consistent focus, as has architecture in the metaphorical sense defined by Bataille: as that which is ordered and ordering in any system, from the social to the psychological.

Key projects have included a trilogy of 16mm short films that unfold micro-dramas around architectural locations in New York; a group of pieces that examine the contradictions and discontinuities of the 'open 24 hour' city; and a series of audio installations based upon interviews with architects presented as radio documentaries 'broadcast' at contemporary and historical architectural sites.

Through the foregrounding of minor narratives that inhabit - yet contradict - established discourses, these projects explore ways in which meaning in the urban context is constructed temporally, in ever-shifting relation with the body.