Architecture and Motility, 2017
Architecture and Motility, 2017
Four-channel audio installation, c.45 minute duration, loops continuously

The sounds of architect Niall McCullough's stomach were recorded using a custom-designed waistband with four embedded contact microphones, as he ate breakfast at McCullough Mulvin's Long Room Hub building at Trinity College Dublin.

For exhibition, the recordings were played back as a four-channel installation through speakers located on two levels of the atrium space at The Long Room Hub; the positioning of the four speakers reflected the layout of the microphones during the recording, mapping the four quadrants of the gastro-intestinal tract onto the vertical space of the building's central atrium. Throughout the day, the blips and gurgles of the architect's stomach sounds emitted from the speakers, providing a playful and intimate integration between architect's body and building fabric.

Stereo excerpt:

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